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Ready for adoption at 8 weeks old 

$250 non – refundable deposit required to be on Bichon Lovers puppy waiting list.
Deposit can be held up to two calendar years or till we are no longer able to breed. Please call for details 519-875-1482
To receive a puppy information pack and lots of referrals
Please fill out the puppy application form


Please call Fern @  519-875-1482 when you’re ready to  reserve your puppy with Bichon Lovers

Boys and girls available for the middle of January 2019 call Fern for details!

You could be the next family, eagerly awaiting a puppy,
To find out more information email Fern at bichonlovers@sympatico.ca or fill out our

Have a very Blessed New Year!


Born 2018

Cuddles pups born November 21/18 pups ready to go January 17, 2019
Girl #1 Georgia (St. Thomas) (reserved)
Girl #2 Per (Scarborough) (reserved)
Girl #3 Amy (Caledon) (reserved)
Boy #1 Susan & Ian (Mississauga) (reserved)
Boy #2 Angela (Laval Quebec) (reserved)
Boy #3  available


Simona pups born November 18/18 pups ready to go January 13, 2019
Girl #1 available
Girl #2 available
Boy #1 Joan (Toronto) (RESERVED)
Boy #2 available


Waiting list started for Spring or summer 2019
Girl #1 Megan (Cheektowaga, Ny)
Girl #2 Lisa (Calgary)
Girl #3 Othon (Saint-Lazare, Québec)
Girl #4 Carolynn (London)
Girl #5 Marie (Dundalk)
Boy #1 Jessica (Thornhill)
Boy #2 Farid (Thornhill)

Waiting list started for spring or summer 2020

Boy #1 Natasha (Vaughan)
Boy #2 Darrin & Ruby Kingston



Born 2018

Petunia & Barkley (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Ewa (Delhi)
Boy#1 Linda (Simcoe)
Boy #2 Alissa (Vaughan)
Boy #3 Asselin (RICHMOND HILL)
View puppy pictures at https://photos.app.goo.gl/gA2vmaTFUP4BywRK6

Phoenix & Romeo babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Boy #1 Paul ( Mississauga)
Boy #2 Peter,Stephanie & Ethan (Belleville)
Boy #3 Sarah (Kitchener)
Boy #4 Christine (Toronto)
Girl #1 Juliet and Alan (Wasaga Beach)
Girl #2 Bob (Williamsville USA)
Picture album of Phenix all dressed up for Canada Day!

Pictures of Nevada”s babies (ALL ADOPTED)

Nevada & Romeo babies born June 3/18
Boy #1 Peggy and Jim (Sarnia)
Boy #2 Sid (Oakville)
Girl #1 Jennifer and Craig (Markham)
Girl #2 Megan (USA)

Pictures of Ashcrofts & Romeo babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Ashcroft’s babies born May 16/18
Girl #1 Lynne (Hamilton)
Boy #1 Paul (Toronto)
Boy #2 Shivam (Stouffville)

Pictures of Seventh Heavens babies (ALL ADOPTED)
Seventh Heavens & Romeo babies born June 6th/18 4 girls 3 boys
Boy #1 Yvonne (Dundas)
Boy #2 Jennifer (Burlington)
Boy #3 Jesse (Hanover)
Girl #1 Kim (Milton)
Girl # 2 Dolores (Simcoe)
Girl #3 Laura (Etobicoke)
Girl #4 Tony (Vaughan)

Trillium & Romeo babies born March 13 2018 (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Tracy (Elora) (Trillium will be going to live in her forever home her girl and Tracy!)
Boy #1 Noella (Barrie) second boy adopted (first one was from Autumns babies )
Girl #2 Charles (Niagara on the lake)
Girl # 3 Bernard and Olga (Nova Scotia)
Boy # 2 Penny (Burlington)

Autumn & Romeo baby’s born pups….. January 13/18 (ALL ADOPTED)
Puppies ready for pick up at 8 weeks old March 10/18
Girl #1 (Simcoe)
Girl # 2 Lillian)
Boy # 1 Craig Michie and Marianne (Burlington)
Boy # 2 Teresa and Renu (Milton)
Boy # 3 Noella (Barrie)

Simona & Barkley babies born November 12th/17
ready for pick up January 6th & 7th/18 (ALL ADOPTED)
Girl #1 Fern and David
Girl #2 Fern and David
Girl #3 Mohamed and Engy
Boy #1 Patricia & Frank (Woodbridge)
Boy #2 Anita and John (Barrie)
Boy #3 Susan and Jeff (Gravenhurst)