I’m Mya
I love to sing to the toy my  mommy gave me.
When I was a baby at Bichon Lovers I had this toy
played it all the time.


Mya was born at Bichon Lovers Kennel…. When she was only 4 weeks old she was given a music toy to play
with.When she went to her new forever home at 8 weeks old her new mommy got her the same toy. Mya continues to play and sing …..


Bichon Lovers is an excellent place from which to purchase a puppy. Fern and David have a strong commitment to their clients and to the dogs. All the adult dogs and the puppies are well socialized and friendly and in good health and good spirits. Fern and David give good advice on puppy training and helping a puppy to adapt to its new home. They are always available to give advice and assistance based on their years of experience. Rosemary

Me relaxing at my home